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It originates from the Basset artésien normand, which in the middle of the last century was imported into England from France and crossed here with the Chien de Saint-Ubert (Bloodhound), thus obtaining subjects similar to those of today, but smaller. The last step was taken by the Americans, who “adopted” the breed and created a companion dog and no longer a hunter. After a long period in which the United States also had the “paternity” of the breed, in 1987 the official cynophilia recognized it to Great Britain, adopting the English standard as the only standard.


The Bassethound is truly unmistakable: it is the short-legged dog with the heaviest bone (due to its size) compared to that of any other breed. The body is large and elongated. The head is long but well proportioned, with moderately marked stops. The muzzle is deep and heavy, the lips are hanging. The sweet, sad eyes make her look irresistible. The tail, always brought cheerfully, gives the true measure of his character, which in reality is very cheerful. Hair: short. Color: generally tricolor (black, fire and white) or two-colored (lemon and white); however, any color typical of hunting dogs is allowed. Size: 33-38 cm, both for males and females.


The Bassethound has not only the good “face”: it is really a good dog, which can easily coexist with any person or animal. Never aggressive, always friendly, sweet and safe for children, of which he is a great playmate. Since he was selected for work in the pack, he almost never argues with other dogs: subjects of the same sex also agree. The same peaceful nature reveals it with cats and other animals. health It is a robust dog that can live long in good health. Fears only the cold and even more moisture. It should not get too fat, because its spine could be affected. For the same reason he should not do many stairs (the male, on the stairs, has another serious problem … easily understandable, which is good to make him avoid so that he does not hurt himself).

It’s definitely better to have it live at home. But the Bassethound remains a Hound, and above all it “feels” such: therefore it should be brought to the country as often as possible. He needs a lot of exercise and, contrary to what his appearance might suggest, he is very fast in the running!

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